Thursday, July 19, 2007

Got Meat?

Em Chamas Brazilian Grill does. And lots of it.

Here's the scoop. You go to the restaurant and you have one choice. For one price ($34.95) you get the "food bar", which has salad, bread, veggies, sides, etc. But that's not all. You also get all the grilled meat that you can stand.

When you are seated, you are issued a "chip". One side says "No, Thank You" and the other side says "Yes, Please". Gauchos bearing skewers of roasted meat (lamb, beef, chicken, etc.) wander the dining room. If they see the "Yes" side, they come by with their skewer, tell you what the item is and offer you some.

We probably tried 10 different items from the skewers. Most all were yummy. They even had a roasted onion on the skewer...that was delish too.

Dress ranged from jeans to suits. You could have a nice mid-week meal here, or celebrate a special event. You can also find discounted gift certificates periodically at Kansas City Menus.

I would highly recommend trying this place. However, if you go, don't waste too much of your appetite at the food bar. The good stuff comes around to you. It was a fun, interactive dinner. Definitely come hungry!