Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Mmmmm....who doesn't like cupcakes?

BabyCakes is a cupcake bakery, located at 108 E. Missouri Ave (in the River Market area, next door to Harry's Country Club). They have mini-cupcakes, regular-sized cupcakes and jumbo-sized cupcakes. Oh, and candy too (called "Frou Frous" on their website), although when I visited they were sold out of the candy. Darn! I'll just have to make a return trip...

I bought a 4-pack of cupcakes to check the place out: Vanilla w/ vanilla frosting; Chocolate w/ white frosting; Lemon w/ lemon frosting and Vanilla w/ chocolate frosting. Even though they were beautiful and came in a cute little 4-pack container, it didn't take long for all the cupcakes to disappear. Oops! I forgot to share.

From my analysis, the key to the perfect cupcake is in the frosting. The cupcake has to be good, but it need not be great. BabyCakes' frosting is pure heaven (especially the chocolate variety - yum!). If I could make frosting like this, I wouldn't eat anything else. The cupcake is really just a delivery vehicle for the frosting.

The only problem is...this is an expensive habit. Regular-sized cupcakes are $2.20 each. Minis are $10 for a dozen. Jumbos are $3.50.

It's too late for me...I'm hooked! I'll be searching the sofa cushions for cupcake money. See you there!

website: (like most bakeries, they are closed on Mondays)


DLC said...

their red velvet cupcakes rule!

lorib said...

I LOVE BabyCakes! I'm actually glad they are expensive otherwise I would be there every day since the store is within walking distance from my office. The chocolate w/ chocolate is my you can buy a jug of Shatto milk to enjoy with your delicious cupcake treat.