Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe

Someone told me about a place in the Bottoms that had great burgers. I heard "blah, blah, good burgers, blah, weathersomething, blah blah". So when I went to find this place, I couldn't. You see, they don't have a website. And my searches just weren't close enough to the real name to find even a review. Wetherby's? Wetherfields? No and no.
So I gave up for a while...

Then one fine day I picked up a copy of The Pitch, and there it was! An ad! With the address and everything! Yeah!
Then I lost the ad...

So I put the challenge to my husband...Find This Place! And...he did! Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe!

Even though they had changed locations at some point, he found it! I guess the name comes from their old location - on Woodsweather Road.

And guess what? The burgers are good! And although I didn't have room this time, so did the giant chocolate-cake-under-a-dome. Mmmm....

This place is a good ole fashioned diner. Like the kind you trip into when you are traveling in rural Iowa or Arkansas. You see a variety of folks here...construction dudes, white collar dudes, moms with kids. Everyone loves a diner, right?

So the burgers....they are big. They come with the best fries I've had in a long time. They seemed to be hand-cut, but I'm no expert. I just know they tasted damn good. I actually requested a box to take home the leftover fries. Sadly, there was no leftover burger.

Here's what it looked like before it disappeared...The total tab was $7.49 for the burger and the addition of a giant sweet tea. My only suggestion is to pay .50 for extra cheese. The regular slice of cheese was no match for this gigantic monster of a burger.

Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch only: Mon-Fri from 5:30am - 3pm; Sat 6am-1pm.

Location: 1414 9th Street (at 9th & Hickory), in the KC Bottoms area

website: none that I could find


DLC said...

Awesome! I've been meaning to hit up Jerry's for a long, long time but lacked your persistence. Glad you liked it.

Scott said...

I love this place.
Its a bit of a crap shoot if the service is slow or fast, but its still a good time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome, but I dare say they have better fries that Oklahoma Joes!

I will visit this place soon with Curtis - my best friends who rocks when he's eatin' shrimp!