Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Salty Iguana Opens in Western Shawnee!

Okay, okay...the new Salty Iguana is technically in Olathe, but it's in the very northern part of Olathe (K-10 & Ridgeview Road), so it's a mere 7 minutes away from my house in western Shawnee.

Yes, I timed it.

Before I discovered Mi Ranchito, Salty Iguana was my very favorite Mexican place. But it was just too darn far away. Not any more. Yippee!!

If you've never tried Salty's, make sure to start with the Iguana Dip (a spinach/cheese dip). Also, they serve black beans for the most part, instead of refried (similar to Mi Ranchito), so if you don't dig these, make sure to ask for refried. But, PLEASE try them first...yummy.

Another favorite of mine is the Mini Chimichangas (beef, pork or chicken). These are listed in the Appetizer section of the menu, but I often get these for my meal and walk away stuffed.


website: http://www.saltyiguana.net/

location: 10478 South Ridgeview Road, Olathe, Ks. 66061 913-310-9003 (new!)
also locations at Prairie Village, Independence and Lawrence


lorib said...

I LOVE Salty Iguana. How exciting that you now have one right down the street! I'm already craving Iguana Dip and it isn't even 8:00 am.

Stephanie said...

Greetings! I am the Marketing Director for the City Market and would like to speak with you about possibly posting some inforamtion about several recipe contests we are hosting this summer (Salad Recipe on Saturday, June 5 and a Salsa Recipe on Saturday, July 3) please forward me your email and I can send you more information.

My email address is sspatzornburn@cwbkc.com

Thanks so much!

Stephanie Spatz-Ornburn

SirhcMuroc said...

I'm glad I found your link when searching as I live right at 75th and 35 and didn't know we had a Salty Iguana that close to us. FYI - if the Mi Ranchito you're referring to is the one at 75th and Nieman I'd avoid it like the plague. I've been living here 4 years and they have had 2 separate food poisoning incidents in that time and one of them was from an employee purposely poisoning the food (he was arrested).