Sunday, February 24, 2008

Early Birds Love Hereford House Happy Hour

In an attempt to create traffic when there is normally little or none, lots of restaurants are offering an "Early Dining" option. Often this takes the form of a Happy Hour special in the bar only, but not always.

Melbee's, for example, has a $25 fixed price, 3-course meal, provided you can get there before 6:00pm. * Their normal offering is a $38 fixed priced, 4-course meal. That's quite a big savings if you can make it there in time!

My current favorite for "eating early" is Hereford House. I've visited the new Shawnee location (435 & Midland Drive) and taken advantage of this offer. Often. From 4:00 - 6:00pm, in the bar only, their offerings include:

for a measly $4.50:

  • 1/2 pound steakburger w/ fries
  • Boneless buffalo wings (very good ones!) w/ fries

for a frugal $6.50:

  • KC Strip Sandwich (grilled onions and mushrooms) w/ fries
for a miserly $8.50:

  • 8 oz. Kansas City strip w/ fries
  • 4 oz. filet Oscar (crab and Bearnaise sauce) served w/ asparagus spears

NOTE: There are more options. I'm only listing this ones I've tried and liked (I haven't disliked any). Also, options and prices appear to change slightly at different Hereford House locations.

Want an adult beverage with your early dinner? How about a $3 house Cabernet or Chardonnay? Or a $3 Boulevard brew?

This is a great meal (it is Hereford House, after all) for a great price. See you there!

Hereford House:

* Call ahead to confirm that they still offer this special. I'm not seeing it listed on their website.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but MelBee's is now $42/$52 for their 4-course prix fixe.